Winch Design has always been committed to supporting British craftsmanship in its many guises. It is down to the unique skill and attention to detail of our valued partners, that the Winch Design portfolio is able to come to life.

Currently it is a challenging time for us all, both operationally and individually. Businesses both big and small are being impacted by a myriad of unknowns.

Therefore Winch has extended the hand of help to the smallest suppliers and craftspeople who work to hard to bring the Winch portfolio to life. 

 We’re proposing to help by;

Promoting the great work that you do on our platforms where we have a significant client reach

Offering advice or actual support from our marketing or business development teams

Help or advice on the commercial and practical aspects of the supplier/designer relationship

Advice from our accounts or administrative teams

If you are a small studio or craftsperson who has previously worked with Winch Design and you feel as if you might benefit for some support at this time, please contact