In addition to the six landmark yachts presented at The Monaco Yacht Show this year, Winch Design is delighted to be celebrating the launch of a number of unique collaborations. With respect and admiration for the natural world at the heart of Winch's DNA - each of the Winch Design collaborations is inspired by the beauty and details found in nature.

Winch Design is proud to be showcasing for the first time, collections with The Rug Company, Turnstyle Designs, Summit Furniture as well as one-of-a-kind pieces with Thomas Mercer and Crystal Caviar. In addition to the new collections, Winch is also delighted to be showcasing the current range with Foglizzo Leathers.

Winch Design and Tai Ping have also designed a one-off artistic installation, displayed on their stand (Parvis Piscine PP72). A completely unique, wall to wall three-dimensional Japanese Zen garden, displaying artisanal craftsmanship underfoot.

The Winch Design for The Rug Company collection is inspired by nature’s organic forms and specifically by the details found on land, in the air and at sea; realms in which Winch creates its individually tailored homes. Each design encapsulates the beautiful textures of the natural world. 

Cirrus is a rolling landscape of atmospheric colours and shapes, creating the illusion of bright sunlight hitting inky storm clouds after heavy rain. For Meridian, bold silk lines fan out from the central point of the design, like a burst of bright sunlight over an open landscape. Riviera was inspired by the ocean and emulates the light reflecting off ripples of water in the shallows of a calm sea. Plume takes inspiration from the sky and the textures and colours of a plume of beautiful feathers.

Pictured above is Cirrus.

Arc by Winch Design for Summit

Winch Design and Summit Furniture are delighted to introduce Arc, their debut collaboration. Coming together to create the ultimate exterior furniture range, inspired by the sea and the sky, Arc is a contemporary, beach club inspired collection perfect for yacht, residential and commercial settings. A signature feature of the range is laminated teak, which is woven between maritime-grade brushed stainless steel rods, alternatively undulating, they arc around the back of the seats in gentle rows. The name ‘Arc’ is visually evocative and brings to mind the long arcing lines of latitude and longitude, the curve of the horizon, of a full sail, and of the shapes in the sky made by sailors when navigating by the stars using the arc of the marine sextant.

View Arc by Winch Design on their stand in the show (Parvis Piscine PP70).

Labyrinth by Winch Design for Turnstyle

Turnstyle and Winch Design have worked together on many different projects on land, air and sea over the years. Both studios sought to create something which would be sympathetic to Turnstyle’s unique design style but combined with Winch’s spirit and originality. Labyrinth takes inspiration from both land and sea; the design is inspired by a mix of complex geometric and organic tones, mimicking the intricate patterns of brain coral, yet the final effect is reminiscent of a maze. Labyrinth, is a bold, strong design with high visual impact.

The collection is on display at the Turnstyle stand during the show (Parvis Piscine PP44).

The Wave by Winch Design for Crystal Caviar

Crystal Caviar was established in 1995 and has since become the biggest supplier of crystal sculpture to the superyacht industry.

The design of The Wave is inspired by Andrew Winch and Marek Landa's shared love of the sea, and through collaboration, they have succeeded in creating something beautifully unique. The Wave captures a movement in crystal, the deeper meaning reflecting the idea that one small ripple or change can lead to a much bigger one.

The Wave can be viewed on the Crystal Caviar stand during the show (Parvis Piscine PP66).

Thomas Mercer and Winch Design present Chelys
For over 160 years, Thomas Mercer has been creating world-class marine chronometers, many gracing the interiors of some of the finest yachts and residences on the planet. At this year’s show, Winch Design, Thomas Mercer and for the first time, Marmor Hotavlje, proudly present Chelys; the third one-of-a-kind collaboration between Winch and Thomas Mercer. Expertly carved from white onyx by Marmor Hotavlje’s master stone-masons, the intricate chronometer is encased in a delicately carved shell.

Chelys will be on display at the Crystal Caviar stand (Parvis Piscine PP66).

Winch Design for Foglizzo Leather

Imaginative embossing and intricate laser cuts transform one-dimensional leather into something dynamic, textured, unique and inspired by textures found on land, in the air and at sea. For land, an abstract take on an oak veneer, but reinvented using clean, angular and intricately arranged line. Another embossed leather inspired by bark imitates the ridges and grooves of the bark of a tree. In a design inspired by air, smooth arches and interweaving laser cuts have a symmetry with contrails in the sky and in another, delicate feathers flow vertically down the leather. Finally, an embossed design inspired by the ocean where the ridges of the leather are tactile and bold, their shape reminiscent of the rippling pools of water in the sand.

To view the Winch Design for Foglizzo range please visit their stand (Parvis Piscine PP74).