Winch Design has nurtured its relationships with its trusted suppliers for the last 35 years, and the success of projects found on land, in the air and at sea, is partly down to the expertise, dedication to perfection and understanding of Winch Design's values that our suppliers demonstrate.

Winch Design would like to shine the spotlight on our suppliers, to highlight what they do, why they do it, and how they bring Winch Design dreams to life.

This week, we spoke with Alessandro Quintavalle, Managing Director of Thomas Mercer. 

What does Thomas Mercer do? 

We are manufacturers of bespoke chronometer clocks and one-off horological instruments.

What service do you typically provide Winch Design?

We design and build one-off time pieces that are commissioned by Winch Design for their unique projects.

Do you have a favourite Winch Design project? 

The Nautilus, which you can see above and to the left. It is a timekeeper that epitomizes the concept of horological sculpture and blends the respective arts of interior design, marine chronometry and crystal making into a truly unique piece. Directly above is Chelys, our latest collaboration together with Marmor Hotavlje. 

    How long have you been working with Winch Design? What was your first project with Winch Design?  

    Since 2011. The first project was the Classis marine chronometer, which you can see below. The Classis is a timepiece celebrating the link between the history of British horology and navigation: to add a further touch of quintessential Englishness, cabinet maker Linley was invited to join this truly unique project.

    Whats are the biggest challenge you face? 

    To evolve in an always faster-changing world whilst remaining authentic to our 160-year heritage.

      What inspires your work and sets you apart from everyone else?

      We have a unique philosophy on clockmaking: every timepiece shall seamlessly integrate with the interior that it ornates. By relentlessly striving to learn the codes of luxury interior design, we eagerly embrace collaborations with leading design studios and talented craftsmen, with the ultimate goal of creating pieces that are one of a kind, exactly like the projects they ornate.

      What’s your favourite aspect of working with Winch Design?

        Collaborating with a world-class studio such a Winch Design is a precious source of inspiration, and the breadth and depth of their projects – be sea, land or air based - is a fantastic opportunity to learn.