Winch Design has nurtured its relationships with its trusted suppliers for the last 35 years, and the success of projects found on land, in the air and at sea, is partly down to the expertise, dedication to perfection and understanding of Winch Design's values and vision for our Clients. 

Winch Design would like to shine the spotlight on our suppliers, to highlight what they do, why they do it, and how they bring Winch Design dreams to life. 

This week we spoke with Rob Bieniasz, Managing Director at Glancy Fawcett, to shine a light on the unique work that they do.

What Does Glancy Fawcett do?

With more than 30 years of experience, we are a luxury lifestyle supplier, who provide exquisite homeware, designer brands and architectural products to the world's superyachts, residences and private aircraft. Partnered with world-renowned brands, we supply a range of stunning tableware, linens and accessories. 

Where are you based? 

Our premier Showroom is in Manchester, England. However, with touch-points in The Bahamas and Europe, plus regular visits around the world, we are truly a global business. 

 The Showroom offers clients and their designers the opportunity to walk through their entire product outfitting process, whilst also providing a moment to relax and enjoy pure luxury in the dedicated GF Lounge. 

How long have you been working with Winch Design? What was your first project with Winch Design?  

We're delighted to say that our relationship with Winch Design, (Andrew Winch Designs at the time), started around 27 years ago on completion of S.Y. Hetairos, in 1993! It was also one of the first times Kevin and Jonathan had worked together, and the start of the intrinsic relationship with Andrew directly. For the project, we worked closely with Andrew and his design team to supply the bespoke tableware and linens for the boat.

Describe your relationship with Winch Design? 

We have a fantastic relationship with the Winch Design team and regularly enjoy visiting them on the river. The people we get to work with are great within the Project Management and FF&E Teams, across the Sea, Land and Air specialisms. Over the years we have built a strong, trusting relationship between the companies, starting when it was only a team of six! It's been amazing to see the team and business grow over the years, turning out incredible project after project.

Do you have a favourite Winch Design project? 

There are too many to name! Amongst many excellent memories of our projects working with Winch Design, we have two favourite memories that stand out to Kevin and Jonathan, our founders. As mentioned, the first boat in which we worked on with Andrew Winch, S.Y. Hetairos, will always be a favourite because it was the project which started our close, long-standing relationship with Andrew and the team.

S.Y. Whisper, from 2002, was another cherished favourite. It had a charming logo; a sea-horse with a swirly 'W'. Each cabin had a sea creature as its name, which transcended down into the linens and tableware. Andrew personally introduced Kevin and Jonathan at the time to the owner, so we worked closely as a team, hearing first-hand the owners' vision for the boat. As a result, we created beautiful, bespoke tableware, linens and stationery for the project.