The Excellence team is proud to have been awarded the Judges Commendation for Lighting at the 2020 BOAT International Design & Innovation Awards in Cortina d'Ampezzo, Italy. Judges debated several interior design contenders as deserving special mention for the use of artificial light, but gave the nod to the stunning 80m Excellence. Its well-executed lighting plan, which includes column details, discreet downlights and well-placed spotlights, such as a beam trained on the centre of a coffee table, strikes the right tone and emphasises all the right areas. Tunable and warm, the lighting is a perfectly balanced complement for the yacht’s bright, contemporary interior. Clever use of mirrors throughout the interior adds to the effect of the lighting. There are mirrors behind louvres in the main saloon, making the casing around the ventilation shafts disappear, and thin mirror strips around the top of the walls in the cabins give the impression of even more space. The use of indirect lighting then enhances these effects.The judges also noted thatExcellence’s multistorey atrium with its exceptionally large wall of windows presented both an opportunity and a lighting colour balance and fixture location challenge for the design team, one that they handled beautifully.